Seed Mixes

Garrett Wildflower Seed Farm offers custom seed mixes for wildflowers and warm season native grasses, and a Conservation Reserve Mix that contains both. This mix has proven to be one of the best for prairie restoration plantings. The Quail Plantation Native Warm Season Grass Mix is designed to recreate the native prairie and restore quail habitats. The Pollinator Mix is a season-long workhorse for bees and butterflies. The Eastern Wildflower Native Mix offers season-long color and is very sustainable. The Southeastern Mix provides fall color, and as the perennials establish, they provide blooms in year two and beyond.

We have three Wetland Mixes that are the workhorses for restoration and conservation of wetlands. Each mix contains beneficial species to help mitigate erosion issues, and are key to healthy aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

The seed type and percentage contained in each custom mix is listed on the product page, as well as the recommended planting time for each mix.

Custom Mixes

We know that one size does not fit all in the world of wildflowers. grasses, wetlands and feed plots. In addition to the mixes offered on the website, Garrett Wildflower Seed Farm offers custom seed mixes based on your particular situation. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs. We can construct the perfect mix for you.

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