Eastern Native Mix

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Eastern Native Mix is easy to grow, with proven performers bringing color for years.

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Eastern Native Mix is a native mix is easy to grow with proven performers to give color for years to come with great sustainable qualities.

This mix is great for large restoration projects where native plants are needed or specified such as site development, utility construction such as pipelines, electrical transmission, highway slopes, upland mitigation sites, wildlife restoration and forestry reclamations. This mix can be seeded February through November with good results. The mix can be broadcast into low to minimum tillage environments or even broadcast over power line rights of way with good results. Very hardy mix and will establish well.

Species Type% By Wt.
Lanced-Leaf CoreopsisCoreopsis lanceolata P25%
Plains CoreopsisCoreopsis tinctoriaA20%
Black-Eyed SusanRudbeckia hirtaA/P10%
Bur-MarigoldBidens aristosaA10%
Goldenmane TickseedCoreopsis basalisA15%
Narrow-Leaved SunflowerHelianthus angustifoliusP10%
Spotted BeebalmMonarda punctataP10%

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