Wildlife Food Plot

Doves Over CrotonGarrett Wildflower Seed Farm’s wildlife food plots offerings are designed to create an ideal environment for quail and dove to thrive. Our single species and seed mix offerings provide food and cover – both of which are critical for restoration and/or creation of ideal habitats that quail and dove will be happy to call home.

New products this year include:

  • Doveweed – ideal for both dove fields and quail habitats
  • Ragweed – a favorite of quail for food and cover
  • Quail Brood Mix – a combination of Ragweed and Partridge Pea, great for food and cover

Our long-time favorite, Quail Plantation Native Warm Season Grass Mix, designed to recreate a native prairie setting to restore quail habitats is still available and has proven to be one of the best for prairie restoration plantings. For those interested in cool season grasses, we have added Virginia Wildrye. This popular species is very beneficial for the ecosystem and supports wildlife.

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