Check out our new offerings for 2020!

Our three new Wetland Mixes are the workhorses for wetland restoration and conservation. There is a mix suited for low, one for intermediate and one for high elevations. Each mix contains beneficial species to help mitigate erosion issues, and are key to healthy aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitats. The low elevation mix includes species found naturally along streams, ponds and freshwater marshes. The intermediate mix works similar to the low mix but it includes species that make it suitable for well-drained soils. The high elevation mix is ideal for lighter wetland areas.

Also new to our inventory this year is Redtop Panicgrass (Panicum rigidulum), a premier warm season wetland bunch grass. With hints of red in the foliage and deadheads, this attractive grass is necessary in any riparian or wetland mix. It can serve as a feed source for livestock and is easily digestible.

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